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I am running ptxdist to compile the full system benchmark, but some patch seems missing.

The first I encountered is ipkg-utils-1.7.tar.gz . The compile tool automatically fetches it from a ftp site, but failed. So I downloaded it manually and placed it in the directory that the compile tool designated, then the compilation continued. But after the package was extracted, the default path of some patch inside the package were different from what I got from the internet, so the compilation failed again.

Does someone have any idea about this? How can I find the compile script, maybe I can modify the script to make the compilation continue. Thank you !

ps: the compilation tool tried to find the patch in /ipkg-utils-1.7/generic/ipkg-utils-1.7-tarX.diff , but the package I downloaded does not contain such a 'generic' folder, so the compilation just failed...

Which path to give (Create Disk Images for M5)?

Hello all,

I was trying to create the disk image for ALPHA using linux-dist and following the instruction given on .

I am specifically stuck at the point which says cd into that directory, and type: ptxdist menuconfig. The default ptxconfig ought to be sufficient for everything, but you do need to set one value. Find the Image Creation Options menu and ensure that the "Path to kernel src" value points to your linux directory that you got from us.

I don't know which directory to give in that path. Can anyone help me with this? what linux directory I need to give here?