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Below is a list of projects that are based on gem5, are extensions of gem5, or use gem5.


  • MV5 is a reconfigurable simulator for heterogeneous multicore architectures. It is based on M5v2.0 beta 4.
  • Typical usage: simulating data-parallel applications on SIMT cores that operate over directory-based cache hierarchies. You can also add out-of-order cores to have a heterogeneous system, and all different types of cores can operate under the same address space through the same cache hierarchy.
  • Research projects based on MV5 have been published in ISCA'10, ICCD'09, and IPDPS'10.


  • Single-Instruction, Multiple-Threads (SIMT) cores
  • Directory-based Coherence Cache: MESI/MSI. (Not based on gems/ruby)
  • Interconnect: Fully connected and 2D Mesh. (Not based on gems/ruby)
  • Threading API/library in system emulation mode (No support for full-system simulation. A benchmark suite using the thread API is provided)


  • Home Page: [1]
  • Tutorial at ISPASS '11: [2]
  • Google group: [3]