Bootcamp 2024

We are happy to announce the gem5 bootcamp 2024!

WHEN: July 29th - August 2nd 2024

WHERE: UC Davis, California

The gem5 bootcamp is structured to target two groups:

  • Junior Computer Architecture Researchers (early graduate students): The primary goal is to equip junior researchers with essential skills to seamlessly integrate gem5 into their projects. This comprehensive 5-day bootcamp covers a spectrum of topics, starting from foundational aspects such as setting up system simulations. It then progresses to more advanced topics including the creation of customized components, understanding gem5 statistics, and culminating in hands-on experience with running and modifying simulations that closely emulate real-world systems.
  • Professionals: This track caters to professionals seeking proficiency in gem5, with a specific emphasis on development aspects. The tailored 3-day bootcamp provides a focused introduction, ensuring that professionals acquire the necessary skills to leverage gem5 effectively in their work.

Registration Fees

  • Students: $500
  • Students with accommodation on campus: $1100
  • Professionals: $800

Students have the opportunity to submit applications for travel grants, with the deadline set for April 15th. Notification of the grant status will be sent out by May 1st.

The registration fee covers five days of meals, including breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Additionally, participants will enjoy a reception dinner and a fun evening event, each scheduled on separate days. Students have the option of discounted accommodation on campus.


The bootcamp spans five full days, featuring an engaging workshop focused on learning gem5. The workshop is designed to be inclusive, assuming no prior experience with gem5. The goal is to equip participants with a strong foundation in gem5 for conducting advanced research in computer architecture.

The schedule accommodates both students and professionals. Students are encouraged to participate for the entire five days, while professionals are targeted for a three-day attendance from Tuesday to Thursday. The first day (Monday) is dedicated to introducing gem5 to students and familiarizing them with the environment. Days 2 through 4 cover more advanced aspects of gem5 development. The final day (Friday) focuses on practical exercises, including writing tests and contributing to gem5.

The workshop will give attendees the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to create SimObjects.
  • Learn how to use the gem5 Standard Library to create simulations.
  • Familiarize themselves with gem5-resources.
  • Understand the gem5 statistics module and how to use it in experiments.
  • Create full system simulations capable of running real-world operating systems and software benchmarks.
  • Network with others in the computer architecture research community.
  • And much, much more!

Schedule: Bootcamp 2022

  • Bootcamp: July 29 - August 2, 2024
  • Application Deadline: April 15, 2024
  • Registration Ends: June 15, 2024

Who is eligible to apply for the travel grant?

Anyone can apply though, as spaces are limited, preference will be given to early career researchers (e.g., first or second year PhD and masters students planning on applying for a PhD). We especially encourage those from non-research universities, minority serving institutions, and universities without PhD programs to apply.

How to apply?

Those wishing to apply for a travel grant can complete the following Google Form by April 15th: Google form.

If your application is successful, you will be contacted via the email address provided by May 1st.

We will provide a new schedule closer to the event.

Schedule: Bootcamp 2022

Registration is not open yet.

Students can choose to stay on campus, with a nightly rate of around $100 for a single room. This option can be selected during the registration process.

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If you have any questions regarding the bootcamp, please send them to: