ISCA 2011

Call for Participation: ISCA 2011 Tutorial gem5: A Multiple-ISA Full System Simulator with Detailed Memory Modeling Sunday, June 5, 2011 8:30 am The gem5 simulator is a merger of two of the computer architecture community’s most popular, open source simulators: M5 and GEMS. The best features of each simulator have been combined to provide an infrastructure capable of simulating multiple ISAs, CPU models, memory system components, cache coherence protocols and interconnection networks. The gem5 simulation team invites users, developers, and all other interested parties to participate in a tutorial that will highlight the key aspects of the gem5 simulator .

The first half of this full-day tutorial will be an organized presentation focusing on gem5 usage and capabilities. The second half is intended to be more free form where we will answer audience questions on specific usage, including modification of the simulator to enable new features.

Topics to be discussed include:

We look forward to your participation in the gem5 tutorial and hope that by the end of the tutorial you’ll be able to utilize the gem5 infrastructure in your future research.

Thanks, The gem5 Simulation Team