gem5-19 Released!

by Jason Lowe-Power

gem5- has officially been released! We’re a couple of months behind schedule, but future releases should be better.

The main goal of the gem5-19 release was to test our release mechanisms to make sure that things go smoothly for the first “RE-gem5” release. In this sense, gem5-19 is a major success! We were able to find several bugs in our release methodology that have been worked out. I’m hopeful that the gem5-20 release will ...


gem5 Website Redesign

by Jason Lowe-Power

Welcome to gem5’s new website! The old wiki has needed a refresh for a few years (see screenshot below), and we’re excited to finally have something to share with the community! We hope the new site has better usability and makes it easier to find information about gem5 and how to use it. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out on the gem5-dev mailing list!


RE-gem5: Building Sustainable Research Infrastructure

by Jason Lowe-Power and Matt Sinclair

Note: this post originally appeared on Computer Architecture Today.

RE-gem5 is a directed effort to rejuvenate the underlying infrastructure of gem5. RE-gem5 is not a new simulator or a new project; it is a project to enhance and support the current gem5 infrastructure.

The community-developed gem5 infrastructure is one of the most popular and widely known cycle-level...


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