ISCA 2020: Learning gem5 Tutorial and gem5 Users' Workshop

Update on the gem5 Tutorial: The gem5 tutorial will be postponed. We are planning to hold an online class this summer. Stay tuned and subscribe to the gem5-users and gem5-announce mailing list for more information.

3rd gem5 Users’ Workshop (The first virtual version!)

Wednesday, June 3rd 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM (EDT/New York), 9:00 AM (PDT/San Francisco), 18:00 (CEST/Brussels), Thu 00:00 (CST/Beijing)

Thursday, June 4th 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (EDT/New York), 7:00 AM (PDT/San Francisco), 16:00 (CEST/Brussels), 22:00 (CST/Beijing)

The gem5 workshop will bring together the gem5 community to discuss their current work using and improving gem5. The workshop will include a number of community-contributed talks, and a town hall to discuss the recent changes in gem5 and announcing the first stable version of gem5, gem5-20.

The workshop will be held over two days, June 3rd and 4th, for about two hours each day. The first day will feature community-contributed presentations and Q&As. The second day will be a community townhall-style event to gather feedback from the community on the past, present and future of gem5.

Please register for the workshop via EventBrite

Note: You are not required to register for ISCA to register for this workshop.

You will receive an email via the registration with details on how to join the interactive Zoom webinar. Additionally by registering, it will help us track the number of people that will be joining.

Community contributions

We have 10 exciting contributed presentations. Each presentation will be available via YouTube about a week before the workshop. In addition to a video, each presenter has been invited to write a short blog post. We will be publishing the blog posts and videos ~2/day leading up to the workshop. We will be providing the links to the blog posts and videos below.

During the interactive sessions on Wednesday June 3rd, the presenters will be available for short Q&A’s on their work. Like the main ISCA presentations, each presenter will have a 10 minute slot to give a quick 2 minute pitch on their work followed by a Q&A. The agenda for the Q&A is shown below.

gem5 Town hall

On Thursday June 4th, we will host a gem5 community town hall. This town hall will begin with an introduction and short keynote from Jason Lowe-Power on gem5-20 and the future of gem5. Then, we will have a set of discussion topics to solicit feedback from the broader community.

We want to hear from you! Please join the town hall no matter what your experience with gem5 is. We would love to hear both things that are going well with your gem5 experience as well as what can be improved. This is an exciting opportunity to be able to see and interact with others in the gem5 community!

Workshop schedule June 3rd

The below is stated in UTC time.

  • EDT = UTC-4 (12PM noon start).
  • PDT = UTC-7 (9AM start).
  • Central European Summer Time = UTC+2 (6PM start).
  • China Standard Time = UTC+8 (12AM midnight start).

Each presenter will be given 10 minutes max. If presenters finish their pitch and Q&A in under 10 minutes, the next presenter will start. Therefore, this schedule should be viewed as an order of presentation and only a rough guide for presentation start times.

All gem5 Workshop presentations can be found here.

Time Event Authors (presenter in bold) Presentation Blog Post
1600 – 1610 Introduction to the workshop Jason Lowe-Power N/A N/A
1610 – 1620 gem5art: Zen and the Art of gem5 Experiments Ayaz Akram, Mahyar Samani, Hoa Nguyen, Krithiga Murugavel, Trivikram Reddy, Marjan Fariborz, Pouya Fotouhi, Jason Lowe-Power Link Link
1620 – 1630 Memory controller updates for new DRAM technologies, NVM interfaces and flexible memory topologies Wendy Elsasser, Nikos Nikoleris Link 1, Link 2 Link
1630 – 1640 HeteroGarnet - A Detailed Simulator for Diverse Interconnect Systems Srikant Bharadwaj, Jieming Ying, Bradford Beckmann, Tushar Krishna Link Link
1640 – 1650 Heterogeneous systems modeling with Adaptive Traffic Profiles Matteo Andreozzi, Frances Conboy, Giovanni Stea, Raffaele Zippo Link Link
1650 – 1700 Enabling Multi-GPU Support in gem5 Bobbi Winema Yogatama, Matthew Sinclair, Michael Swift Link Link
1700 – 1710 gem5 GUI Shivam Desai, Rohit Dhamankar, Ravishdeep Singh, Ahmed Farooqui, Jason Lowe-Power, Bobby R. Bruce Link Link
1710 – 1720 Towards full-system discrete GPU simulation | The AMD gem5 GPU Simulator Mattew Poremba, Alexandru Dutu, Gaurav Jain, Pouya Fotouhi, Michael Boyer, Bradford M. Beckmann | Tony Gutierrez Link|Link Link
1720 – 1730 A Modular and Secure System Architecture for IoT Nils Asmussen Link Link
1730 – 1740 Modeling Modern GPU Applications in gem5 Kyle Roarty, Matthew Sinclair Link Link
1740 – 1750 Implementation of a flexible cache coherency protocol for the Ruby memory system Tiago Muck, Pedro Benedicte Link Link
1750 – 1800 Workshop wrap-up Jason Lowe-Power N/A N/A

Workshop schedule June 4th

The below is stated in UTC time.

  • EDT = UTC-4 (10AM start).
  • PDT = UTC-7 (7AM start).
  • Central European Summer Time = UTC+2 (4PM start).
  • China Standard Time = UTC+8 (10PM start).
Time Event Discussion Leader
1400 – 1420 Introduction and gem5-20 Jason Lowe-Power
1420 – 1450 General gem5 discussion Jason Lowe-Power
1450 – Other discussions to be announced soon  

Workshop Archive

gem5 Users’ Workshop

Included below is a Live-stream recording of the gem5 workshop, as well as a record of the text chat.

The video transcript (automatically generated) can be found here.

The video chat log can be found here.

gem5 Town Hall Meeting

Included below is a live-stream recording of the gem5 workshop Town Hall Meeting.