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Homework 1 for CS 752: Advanced Computer Architecture I (Fall 2015 Section 1 of 1)

Due Monday, 9/14

You should do this assignment on your own. No late assignments

Person of contact for this assignment: Nilay Vaish

For this assignment, you will go through the first few parts of the gem5 tutorial we are currently constructing. This gem5 tutorial is a current work-in-progress and may have typos and bugs in it. Feedback about errors, big or small, is appreciated. Please email with subject “gem5-tutorial comments” with any comments or errors you find.

Step 1: complete Part I of the gem5 tutorial

There are currently four (three complete) chapters of this tutorial. The first chapter covers downloading and building gem5. The second chapter walks you through creating a simple configuration script and how to run gem5. The third chapter adds some complexity to your first script by adding a two-level cache hierarchy. And the fourth section (incomplete as of this writing) goes through the gem5 output and how to understand the statistics.

The tutorial does include links to the final scripts at the end of each section. However, it’s in your best interest to walk through the tutorial step-by-step and create the scripts yourself.

Step 2: Write an interesting application

Write a program that implements Sieve of Eratosthenes and outputs one single integer at the end: the number of prime numbers <= 100,000,000. Compile your program as a static binary. The output should be: 5761455.

Step 3: Use gem5!

Here, you will run your application in gem5 and change the CPU model, CPU frequency, and memory configuration and describe the changes in performance.

What to Hand In

Turn in your assignment by sending an email message to Nilay Vaish and Prof. David Wood with the subject line: “[CS752 Homework1]”

Bring a paper copy of your report to class on Monday!